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2230 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, California 94704


Sunday Streets: Open Streets are coming to Berkeley!
10/13/2012 1:00:00 AM UTC - 10/13/2012 6:00:00 AM UTC
Shattuck Ave, from Haste to Rose, Berkeley, California, 94712
Downtown Berkeley to North Berkeley Shattuck Avenue from Haste to Rose

Cycle, stroll, skate, dance, and play in the open streets for more than a car-free mile!

What is Sunday Streets?

Sunday Streets (also called “Open Streets”) closes streets to automobile traffic for a day so that people may use the space for other physical and social activities. The streets become parks as people replace car traffic. People walk, bike, skate and dance and play. Everyone from businesses and community organizations to musicians and artists use the space creatively, engaging the public and providing spontaneity and discovery.


Explore Mosaic, Stained Glass, Fusing, Torchwork, & Team Building Events! Classes for all levels! More info
Save the Date "The Man Who Lit Lady Liberty" Sunday July 23
Richard Schwartz The Man Who Lit Lady Liberty: The Extraordinary Rise and Fall of Actor M. B. Curtis Sunday July 23, 3:00pm
Sara Emsaki: Behind Closed Doors, Opening Reception
Totally Rad Gallery presents a fantastic new exhibition by artist Sara Emsaki.  در طول تاریخ ایران ، نوع حکومت و هنجارهای مذهبی و سنتی جامعه تأثیر مستقیم بر تعریف پوشش زنان هر دوره داشته است.  در دورهی قاجار، علارغم سنت اسلامی مرسوم و قوانین سختگیرانهی حکومتی برای پوشش زنان در اجتماع، زنان حرمسرای شاه در نقاشی های این دوره شهوانی ، مخمور و با پوشش کمتری نشان داده شده اند و معمولا وظیفه ی طنازی و سرگرم کردن شاه را بر عهده دارند. من با بازنمایی کاراکترهای نقاشی های آن دوره تلاش دارم فانتزیها و داستان هایی را به تصویر بکشم که برای زنان نقش هایی متفاوت از آنچه اجتماع بر آنها تحمیل کرده مجسم می كنند. به عنوان زنی که خود در بستر محدودیت های مذهبی و سنتی بزرگ شده ، بازترسیم داستانی متفاوت بر روی روایتی قدیمی که به دست مردان نوشته شده، به من قدرت می دهد. Iranian born-Oakland based artist, Sara Emsaki works primarily in painting; re-appropriating images that target gender roles and their subsequent power dynamics. Her work is aesthetically influenced by Islamic geometry and Persian miniature painting. "Women of Iran have been veiled, unveiled, and re-veiled as the country has gone through revolutions and regimes. The artwork produced during the Qajar dynasty era (1785-1925) depicts women in the intimate environment of the harem, intoxicated and eroticized. These paintings oddly contradicted Persia’s firmly Islamic society. Through the re-appropriation of these images, I visualize new scenarios and fantasies in which women play prohibited and unusual roles- engaging in sexual affairs with other females, holding weapons, and possessing super powers. As an Iranian woman who grew up with constrained liberties, it is empowering to recreate images that question the narratives that were once predominantly contrived by men." ​ - Sara Emsaki Exhibition runs July 8th- August 19th Opening reception July 8th 6PM-9PM Photo: Sara Emsaki "Behind Closed Doors" 2017. Acrylic and archival pigment print on canvas, 20" x 20".
Solar Simplified II: The Deeper Dive
Residential solar technologies are evolving at a fast clip, as are the policies that support solar generation. Expert Doug McKenzie will discuss the latest solar products and technologies that can extend solar’s reach in your life, plus the policies that are advancing or limiting the future of solar in our region, state, and country. This presentation and Q&A is useful for people who have already gotten solar, and those who are still considering and want to take a deeper dive. Bring your questions! Topics include: Panels & Inverters Electric Vehicles Batteries: Can you be independent from the grid? Even in a power outage? Getting Off Gas: electrification of the systems in your home Community Choice Energy: what CCE is and how it works with solar customers. Policies: policies and efforts that promote or stymie solar The Future of Solar Bio: Doug McKenzie retired early from HP after almost 20 years in software development and customer support. Before HP, he received a degree in Applied Math from UC Berkeley. After HP, he is living his dreams as a solar educator and consultant and as a career coach helping people through career transitions. Hes the East Bay development manager for non-profit solar installer and is on the Board of NorCal Solar. Doug lives in Berkeley and drives an electric car powered by rooftop solar. Co-sponsored by Sierra Club, San Francisco Bay Chapter. Space is limited for this free event - RSVP online appreciated.