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2230 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, California 94704


Sunday Streets: Open Streets are coming to Berkeley!
10/13/2012 1:00:00 AM UTC - 10/13/2012 6:00:00 AM UTC
Shattuck Ave, from Haste to Rose, Berkeley, California, 94712
Downtown Berkeley to North Berkeley Shattuck Avenue from Haste to Rose

Cycle, stroll, skate, dance, and play in the open streets for more than a car-free mile!

What is Sunday Streets?

Sunday Streets (also called “Open Streets”) closes streets to automobile traffic for a day so that people may use the space for other physical and social activities. The streets become parks as people replace car traffic. People walk, bike, skate and dance and play. Everyone from businesses and community organizations to musicians and artists use the space creatively, engaging the public and providing spontaneity and discovery.


Christopher Nickel: Stele - Opening Reception
Christopher Nickel’s solo exhibition, Stele, is an installation of photographic images depicting the demolition of local infrastructure. The images are from floor to ceiling and throughout the gallery space, surrounding the viewer with the moment they step into the space.  “We live in a time of unprecedented change, driven by constant technological advancement that is manifest in every aspect of our society.  As we look towards a future of near limitless virtual exchange of information, our present world of physical structures accelerates towards the past." - Christopher Nickel   Exhibition runs from July 2 through July 30th.  Opening reception July 2nd 6pm-9pm.  Gallery Hours are Thurs-Fri 2pm-6pm, Sat 1pm-6pm.  For more information visit  
Generating Happiness
Generating Happiness from Within 3 Day Retreat July 8-10 Tibetan Yoga practices channel positive energy into body and mind as they release tension. This three-day retreat combines movement, self-massage, and breathing practices that generate joyful feelings, reorienting us toward happiness. We discover that we hold the key to satisfaction and inner peace, and we learn to appreciate the qualities that have placed the key in our hands and entitle us to use it. Cost: $235 (nonresidential, meals included); $320 (residential, two nights room and board). Retreat begins Friday, 10 AM and concludes Sunday, 3 PM. Primary Instructor: Santosh Philip. Suitable for all levels of students. Scheduled retreats offer a schedule of instruction, practice and integration that is carefully crafted so that participants may settle into experience in a way that allows relaxation to be a new set-point for reflection, action and a more open perspective from which to realize their true potential. Residential retreats offer the benefit of full immersion within a sacred and peaceful environment, without the usual interuptions and distractions of everyday life. Enquire today about retreats at the Nyingma Institute. Retreats are open to all levels of students unless a prerequisite is specified. Contact us: Details, questions registration. Call: (510) 809-1000 Visit: Visit: 1815 Highland Place, Berkeley Email:
How to do a Hive Inspection
Learn how simple it is to do a thorough hive inspection! Whether you’ve never gone down into your brood boxes before or are a new beekeeper this year, this is a great class to learn what everything looks like in your hive and how to use all the tools properly to least upset the bees (read: not get stung). We will go into a hive and show what everything looks like: eggs, larvae, capped worker/drone brood, capped honey, and pollen. You’ll learn how to assess if your hive is the right size for the amount of bees and if you have a fertile, laying queen. This is a great second class to take (after Backyard Beekeeping) to get real experience with the bees present. Instructor: Jennifer Radtke has been keeping bees in her backyard for 11 years, and has developed the beekeeping education program at the Oasis. She is vice-president of the Alameda Co Beekeeping Association. Cost: $30 Location: a backyard hive in Berkeley/Oaklnd TBA as the class date approaches Register:
Find Waldo in The Elmwood!
Beginning July 1st, the famous children's book character in the striped shirt and black-rimmed specs will be hidden in 20 businesses throughout The Elmwood, Berkeley. Those who spot him can win prizes, including buttons, book coupons, and more! Come by Mrs. Dalloway's (or the Claremont Branch of the Berkeley Library) to pick up your Find Waldo Passport with the list of participating merchants. Get your passport stamped for each Waldo you spot. If you spot 15 or more Waldos, you'll be eligible for the grand prize drawing at the end of the month.
$10 off 1hr or 1.5hr massage/acupuncture on M-F before 3pm
 Come for an earlier hour session on any weekday and  feel renewed for the rest of the day   Call: 510-845-2341 for an appointment   Berkeley Massage & Acupuncture 1533 Shattuck Ave