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Sunday Streets: Open Streets are coming to Berkeley!
10/13/2012 1:00:00 AM UTC - 10/13/2012 6:00:00 AM UTC
Shattuck Ave, from Haste to Rose, Berkeley, California, 94712
Downtown Berkeley to North Berkeley Shattuck Avenue from Haste to Rose

Cycle, stroll, skate, dance, and play in the open streets for more than a car-free mile!

What is Sunday Streets?

Sunday Streets (also called “Open Streets”) closes streets to automobile traffic for a day so that people may use the space for other physical and social activities. The streets become parks as people replace car traffic. People walk, bike, skate and dance and play. Everyone from businesses and community organizations to musicians and artists use the space creatively, engaging the public and providing spontaneity and discovery.


The Bay Bridge by Air, Land, and Sea
Berkeley photographers David Garnick and Barrie Rokeach present a joint show of photographs featuring the new eastern span of the San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge. David Garnick's landscapes and close-ups of the bridge make visual references to classical works of art and are printed to emulate the style of early 20th century liithographs. Barrie Rokeach documented the dramatic construction of the new span from the air. Meet the artists at the opening reception, September 9, 5-7 pm The artists present free public lectures on their work: September 11, 2 pm September 24, 2 pm Thirty-Six Views of the Bay Bridge, David Garnick David Garnick will present photographs from his series, "Thirty-Six Views of the Bay Bridge". He will talk about the creation of the series, and illustrate the connections to a wide range of historical influences including 19 century Japanese woodblock prints, film noir, and Norman Rockwell. The talk is very entertaining and of interest to art lovers as well as those interested in photography. September 17, 2 pm Rising from the Bay: The New East Span of the San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge, Barrie Rokeach Barrie Rokeach will explain his role in producing aerial images of the construction of the new Bay Bridge from 2009 through its opening in 2013. He will talk about the challenges of shooting from the air in demanding conditions: during bad weather, before sunrise and after sunset, and often for long stretches of time. Rokeach will discuss the complexity of documenting the construction process for various purposes, products and clients, all while maintaining a fresh approach and creative perspective to his imagery.
October Honey & Harvest Tasting
October Harvest Tasting Saturday, October 1st, 11am – 5pm, FREE! BioFuel Oasis, 1441 Ashby Ave., Berkeley Rain or Shine! Come taste honey & different fermented vegetables! Take a free urban farming workshop, & vote on the best East Bay honey! Kids welcome. Get inspiration to start (or expand!) your backyard urban farm by attending one of our free demos or workshops: 11am - Edible Flowers by Mike Irvine, Homestead Garden Collective Join us for everything you need to know about growing, maintaining, and using edible flowers in the kitchen – from cheerful calendula and cucumber flavored borage to chive blossoms and spicy arugula flowers, there’s more to the world of flowers than you think! Noon - What You Need to Start a Beehive in Your Backyard with BioFuel Oasis worker-owner Jennifer Radtke. Attend this short intro workshop to beekeeping! 1pm - Water Harvesting for Soil Fertility and Garden Abundance by David Turner, Permaculturist Learn the basics of roof and grey water harvesting and how to direct those resources to boost soil fertility and food harvests. Touching on some permaculture design ideas, I will supply surprising facts and nuts and bolts information to get folks directing their ambient water to benefit soil and gardens while reducing municipal water consumption. 2pm - How to Raise Baby Chicks with Jennifer DeVito Jigarjian, BioFuel Oasis. Whether you are new to chickens or want to add to your flock, learn the basics of raising baby chicks in a brooder. 3pm - Using Biochar to Sequester Carbon and Build Your Soil for Years to Come with Janet Laughlin, BioFuel Oasis. 4pm - Fermentation Workshop TBA To celebrate the harvest, we will have the following discounts all day: 10% OFF everything in our store: organic chicken feed, beekeeping supplies, fermentation kits, local honey, canning jars, and more! 10 cents/gallon off our local, recycled biodiesel at both our Berkeley and San Anselmo stations! 2016 Best East Bay Honey Contest Come try a unique mix of honeys from East Bay beekeepers and vote for your favorite! See our website for instructions on entering your honey. 2016 Best Homemade Fermented Vegetables Contest Whether a cabbage kraut, a kimchi, or your own creation, enter your tastiest ferment of veggies, herbs, and spices. To enter our contest, please bring ONE PINT of your ferment in a closed container BY 6PM on SATURDAY, SEPT. 24TH. Label the container with your name, your phone number, your email, and the ingredients. We will narrow down the entries to five. At our harvest tasting on Oct. 1st, people will try the fermented veggies and vote for their favorite. The winner will get a $50 gift certificate to our store. The BioFuel Oasis hosts Urban Farming Classes focused on chickens, backyard beekeeping, and fermentation. If you can’t make it on October 1st, learn in one of our hands-on classes.
FREE Classes and Events All Week Begins with Sylvia Gretchen
Nyingma Institute Presents: LIVING AND AGING WELL Free Events Celebrating the Nyingma Institute 43rd Anniversary Classes: Monday to Friday, September 28–October 2, 7–7:45 PM & 8–9 PM Workshop: Saturday, October 3, 10–AM–4:45 PM Open House: Sunday, October 4, 3–4:30 PM Special talk: Sunday, October 4, 6–7 PM The Institute was founded by Tibetan master and visionary Tarthang Tulku in September of 1972. We are celebrating this anniversary with a series of free events which include a week of classes, a Saturday workshop, and a Sunday open house and talk to which our students, supporters, and the general public are invited. The focus of the series is on how we grow, and grow old, in ways that increase well-being and continue to reveal value and meaning. In particular, we look at how we can carry the benefits of meditation and other teachings that the Nyingma Institute is well-known for with us as we age, even as we pass from this life. These events and classes are free and open to the public.   Monday, September 28: 7–7:45 PM: “Living (Well) with Impermanence” with Sylvia Gretchen Coming to terms with impermanence is much more than an acceptance of change, illness, old age, and death. It is the full engagement with this moment of time and taking full responsibility for who we are right now. This is the only moment when we can change-neither the future nor the past are available to us: thinking that we will make positive changes in the future is just wishful thinking. Now is the time to honestly look at who we are. Through fully understanding impermanence we gain the knowledge and power to take full responsibility for our lives. 8–9 PM: “Maintaining the Loving Heart” with Olivia Hurd The attitudes that we form now (positive or negative) go with us as we age, often becoming more fixed and inflexible in our older years. This class presents classic Buddhist meditations that help us maintain a loving heart and compassionate wishes toward others through subtle shifts in attitudes and thoughts. Developing these positive habits of mind enriches the very fabric of our inner experience, creating a basis for constructive engagement with others.   Tuesday, September 29: 7–7:45 PM: “Breath and Awareness Practice” with Mark Henderson Breathing practices can awaken joyful, positive feelings even when we are unable to get around easily. Coupled with awareness practices they can ease discomfort, sustaining a sense of well-being and ease. 8–9 PM: “Making the Most of Transitions” with Barr Rosenberg The transitions we face as we age can be times of great sadness, but they can also be appreciated and even welcomed as opportunities for progress on the spiritual path. This class explores how transitions rend the armor of illusory self-images, helping us discern our true nature.   Wednesday, September 30: 7–7:45 PM: “Tibetan Yoga for Every Age” with Jack van der Meulen We focus on Tibetan Yoga practices that can be performed even when movement is limited. 8–9 PM: “Healing Time” with Ken McKeon When we dive into time itself, pain loses its sharpness. Time, Space, and Knowledge practices provide the means for deep healing.   Thursday, October 1: 7–7:45 PM: “Meditations for the Time of Death” with Sylvia Gretchen Classic Buddhist meditations that help reduce fear and prepare for the time of death. 8–9 PM: “Finding Serenity in the Midst of Change” with Hugh Joswick Challenge yourself to bring the meditation mind into mildly difficult situations such as an unexpected change in plans. Later, with practice, the serenity of meditation can be channeled into even the most difficult changes.   Friday, October 2: 7–7:45 PM: “Techniques for Managing Pain” with Santosh Philip & Olivia Hurd Practices from Nyingma Psychology and Tibetan Yoga help us manage chronic and acute pain. 8–9 PM: “Releasing Stress” with Santosh Philip Many stresses arise as we age, including grief and inevitable loss. This class presents techniques that relieve stress, allowing us to respond to difficulties with less anxiety and fear.   Saturday, October 3: 10 AM–4:45 PM: “Healing through Sound” Workshop “If you are very silent and alert, you may hear a beautiful, soft music in your body-a sort of silent music between thoughts.” Tarthang Tulku, Openness Mind. There is an art of deep listening that hears all sounds as music and recognizes a vast healing silence at the very heart of all sound. This workshop blends music, mantra, and silence to awaken the healing power of sound. Instructors: Nyingma Institute faculty. (Prior registration required for this workshop.)   Sunday, October 4: 3–4:30 PM: Open House Learn about the history and teachings at the Nyingma Institute, tour its grounds, and meet faculty and staff members. 6-7 PM: Talk on “Transitions as Teachers” with Sylvia Gretchen Tibetan Buddhists have developed many powerful practices to help us during times of transitions, including the time of death. All of them are alike in recognizing the immense power of our mind-thoughts, attitudes, and openness-to shape experience. The co-dean of the Nyingma Institute, Sylvia Gretchen, will discuss how these practices can become part of a lifelong training and cultivation. In short, dying well results from living well. Contact the Nyingma Institute by email at; call (510) 809–1000.
Pray Local. Shop Local. Rosh HaShana 5777
Rosh HaShana 5777 Begins at Sundown on Sunday October 2 Blessings for a sweet New Year! Come in for Honey, Wine, Honey dishes, Hostess Gifts, Tallits, Kittels, Books, Machzors and so much more
Let's Get Real Women's Style Event
Ready to get real? Excited to co-host this event with Wardrobe Consultant, Mara Kolesas of Good Fit Style! An all around event to get real style advice and a quality selection of everything you need to suit the real you in the most fabulous way. Please visit my Facebook page for more information!
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